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Slot Machine Facts (Part 2)
In this section we discuss how the pay out percentages on slot machines actually work and dispel many of the most common myths. By learning exactly how slots work you will avoid many of the mistakes that players make every day at casinos around the world and even when playing online slot machines.
Payout Percentages Explained
Slot machines are often advertised as paying out a certain percentage. This is one of the most misunderstood slot machine facts and is fairly easy to change that. 

For example if a slot machine advertisement says 'Payout Percentage 96%', this means that over time the slot machine will payout 96% of all the money played  through it. There is no set time frame for this to happen but in general this means over many millions of spins. The payout percentage on a machine never changes - even after a big win.
It does not mean that if you put $100 in you get $96 out. You could get less or much more depending on your luck. Just remember that the stated payout  percentage really means the percentage of the total wagered by all players over  time.
It will more than likely be no where near the results that you will experience in a playing session. This is a good thing as it would hardly be any fun if you were guaranteed to lose every time.
Slots Myths Busted
There are many myths relating to slot machines, from warming up coins to avoiding machines that have just paid out. The most important point to always remember is that there is absolutely nothing that you can do as a player to effect the outcome of the spins.

One of the biggest myths is that a slot machine won't pay out for a while after a big jackpot, this is completely false.  Remember that every spin is random and even though it is unlikely, it does happen. Surprisingly more often than you would think. Each spin has EXACTLY the same chance of winning as the spin before of the spin after.

If you have ever left a slot machine and someone came along and won straight  away you will like this next one. The chances of you hitting the same combination would have been highly unlikely because you would of had to hit  the button at exactly the same moment, down to the millisecond.

So now if this happens to you at least you know that you may not have won even if you stayed playing that same slot machine all day. Sometimes your luck just goes the wrong way. This also proves another myth false. Many players wait for someone to leave a machine they have lost on and then think that because the player before did not win that they will. The odds of winning never change no matter how many people have played a machine.

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