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Slot Machine Facts
Slot machines are one of the most misunderstood forms of gambling. Considering the fast that they are one of the most popular gambling games in casinos worldwide this is great for the casinos. As a player it is your job to keep the casinos edge as low as possible, the following information is a good starting point for this.
How all Modern Slot Machines Work
Although they may look different all modern slot machines work the same way. All slot machines including single pay line, multiple pay line, video slots and even slot machines on the Internet share the same basic computer program.

In every slot machine is a computer chip that generates random numbers. A  random number generator or "R.N.G". When you press the play button, pull the handle or click your mouse a random number is generated and this number is  then converted by the machine to show you either a winning combination or a losing one.

The final outcome of each and every spin on a modern day slot machine is  decided the moment you start the reels spinning. The spinning of the reels whether it be an animation or physical reels sinning is purely to make slot more entertaining.

Every Spin is RANDOM
Every spin is in no way related to the last spin or the next spin. Every time you set the reels spinning a new random number is generated. It is for this reason  that it is very possible to hit two big winning combinations in a row, it happens  more than you would think.

It is also worth noting that although every spin is random not every combination has the same chance of being hit. The lower wins will be hit many more times than the top prize. This is due to the fact that there are quite simply more lower paying symbols on the reel than higher paying ones. For example you might have three single bar symbols on each reel while there is only one jackpot symbol per reel.

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