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Slot Machine Playing Tips
In this section Slot Players World gives you a range of slot machine tips and  strategies. This page is updated so be sure to check back now and then. We give you this information free, in the hope that everyone who visits this site can get more enjoyment and more of those jackpot combinations from their time playing the slots. Good luck...
Two Important Factors
There are two important things to keep in mind for winning on the slots. Both are covered in this section of Slot Players World. The first are some simple playing strategies which are covered on this page.  Even though playing the slots is quite simple you can get more out of your time by making sure that you are playing your selected machine correctly. "Don't miss those jackpots!..."   

The second factor which is almost more important than the first is "Money Management". All slot players should have a solid money management strategy to keep your bankroll in a positive balance or at least make sure that you get the most entertainmnet possible out of every one of your gambling dollars.
Strategy 1 : Know Your Game
This is very important, be sure to always read the pay table of the machine you are playing so that you know what you are looking for and the jackpot requirements. On some slots connected to jackpots you have to bet maximum coins / credits and get the winning symbols to collect the jackpot.

There's nothing worse than getting the jackpot symbols and realising that for one dollar more you would have won $100000 instead of $1000. The same goes for slots that offer free spins or bonus features, if you understand what you need to get you won't walk away only a few spins from getting them.

Understanding what your playing can greatly increase the enjoyment.
Strategy 2 : Maximum Bet

In general it is best to play at the maximum bet available. By this we mean the maximum amount of credits or coins per spin. It is a myth however that your bet size affects the outcome of any spin. The only exception we have to this rule is when playing multi pay line slots with more than 3 reels. On these slots max bet can quickly reduce even the biggest bankroll. With this in mind you can easily find a slot machine to suit any budget.

With a  smaller bankroll look for games where there is a max bet of two coins.  Or change the coin size of the slot you wish to play, go from dollar slots to  quarter games and max bet is less than one coin on the dollar game. Always look around and find a slot that suits you.

Especially with progressive slots max bet is the only way to play. Why? Almost all progressive require max bet to be played to win the jackpot. Without max coins you can hit the right symbols and miss out.

Strategy 3 : Vary Your Bets
This strategy is good for all slots but is not an advised method of play on progressives. Rather than staying at the same amount of coins /credits per spin try changing your bet sizes around. For example bet, 1 coin, 2 coins, 3 coins, 2 coins and so on. On a 1 cent slot with 20 pay lines, playing all pay lines you would bet 20, 100, 200, 400, 500, 400, 200 and so on.

This gives you the chance of getting the higher win multiplier without using too much money. If you are lucky you will hit winning pay lines when you are on the higher bets. This strategy is great for machines that offer free spins or bonus rounds because you can get free spins at a higher bet level than you would usually play. It does not change the odds of winning.

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