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Money Management for the Slot Player
While luck does play a major part in your slot machine playing success, money management is the key to keeping you playing longer and giving you more spins for your gaming dollar. If you go into every gambling session with no plan then you are more likely to continue playing when you should stop or even worse win and the play back your winnings.
Tip 1 : Set a Budget
The first thing to do is set yourself limits for each day you are at the  casino or each time you decide to play the slots online. You need to set a budget and more importantly stick to it. If you lose what you have budgeted for the session never spend more in the hope of winning back what you have lost - chasing losses is a big no no.

 This is up to you, some people might want to play with $10 and some $1000. Either way an interesting point is that most big wins come early on. That is if you are playing a slot machine which does not hit any winning combinations for a while it is probably time to change slot machines or come back another day.

Remember that there is no guarantee that if you play all day on the one machine you will win for sure. Each spin has the same chance of winning so no matter how much money you have put into a slot machine the odds never change.

Tip 2 : Set Aside Your Winnings
If you hit a good win don't put it all back into the slots again. Try keeping a percentage and putting a percentage back in. This way you will always end up with at least some of your winnings still in your pocket. One of the biggest mistakes we see players making is getting a good win and then simply continuing playing until they have lost what they have won.

For example if you were to win $1000, you could play with 10% of that ($100) and if you win again play with 10% of that. If you don't win again at least you then have $900 left for another day..

Tip 3 : The Play Through Once Method

This is a great way of making sure that you usually leave the casino with at least  some money. What you do is decide how much money you want to play with and then play it all through your slot machine once and only once.

This can be done by calculating your total amount divided by your bet size. For example $50 total divided by $0.50 would give you 100 spins of the reels. At the end of these 100 spins you then take out whatever is left and move on. You may have much more than you started with or less but at least you will almost always have some money left.

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